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Living Well Whole Health Campus

Our Vision

Create a campus that effectively demonstrates sustainable model of right relationship between self, source, community and the planet on behalf of future generations.


  1. Creation and stewardship of human health requires same values and actions as stewardship of the planet. 

  2. Human health originates from healthy lifestyle choices and requires clean air, water, and soil. 

  3. The world needs to see and learn from integrated successful models of community living, residential development, healing and land use that minimizes fossil fuel consumption and maximize wise stewardship of resources (land, water, energy)


  1. Using existing resources create greater collaboration and resource sharing among our community 

  2. Use cutting edge legal and economic systems to create partnership, collaboration and ownership among diverse stake holders

  3. Identify core committed group willing to move forward aligned with the energy of this vision


Unite community resources to locate on 10 to 25 acres of land in northern Colorado or southern Wyoming. This land is adjacent to public/preserved land, has access to clean water and fertile soil and natural beauty.

Model the village on academic model of creating an experiential learning environment of collaboration internally and externally. BE/ Act -measure, share and improve. 


One idea for this vision – to evolve based on contributions of committed core group. Land held in trust by foundation developed to include:

  1. LIVING CENTER - Small community development - Depending on existing structures includes

    • Community facility – commercial kitchen; shared community meals, library, rooms for teaching, community gathering

    • Environmental friendly homes – hemp and other eco-sustainable building; waste management; solar/wind/geothermal/tessla battery = sustainable energy; water management

    • Residential area to support visitors – day and longer term. Guests could include: healing retreats/medical tourism/students. Dorm-like  - maximize use of existing buildings

    • Buildings to support other village operations – animals, teaching, gardening

  2. LAND – depends on size/location/ Gardening – vegetables/medicinal plants. Provide food for people living on campus. Medicinal Hemp as source of income AND product for use at the healing center and by community members

  3. Center for Awareness Education  School of Healing  –teaching not treating – Experiential learning focused on effective principles for healing of self and others (more detail below*)

  4. Additional components could include:

    • Store to sell product – on site/online

    • Community “maker” space – with national growth of “Folk Art” schools teaching people basic life skills of gardening and cooking there is need for this education at local level

    • On site Sacred Geometry structures to support the alignment with universal energies

Center for Awareness Education

Helping people remember how to heal themselves.

Uniting physics, western and eastern medicine an empowering learning environment is created that gives learners the ability to consistently choose personal responses that create happier healthier more efficient lives.

Areas of learning – harmonizing and uniting science and wisdom to support people in self-healing and embodiment of greater vitality and awareness. (Three-year curriculum with one-year foundational certification)

  1. FOUNDATIONAL - Self-regulation program that teaches people to change physiology using biofeedback, integrative movement; creative expression and coaching (to support learners creating stories big enough to live and grow in)

  2. FOUNDATIONAL - Lifestyle Medicine – 70% of all disease is attributable to lifestyle decisions. 

  3. Genomics – epigenetics provides information to personalize lifestyle/wellness plans. Recognizing the energy and chemistry that we bath our genes in affects their expression.

  4. Energy Creation – maximize mitochondrial efficiency creating energy to support health

  5. Biotoxin removal – obstacles to the flow of life in body take many forms physical (infection, environmental toxins, internal toxin) energetic – emotional, mental, trauma

  6. Physics – provides understanding and language of how frequency creates health/disease

  7. Chinese medicine with understanding between linkage of emotional and physical balance

  8. Ayruvedic medicine with centuries long description of structure and function of light circulation in human body provides another layer of understanding and experience of whole health

Method of Learning:

Learning will be a combination of onsite – (daily/weekend/intensive) and online experiences. 

Aimed at people who are seeking a healing experience that provides a(n)

  1. empowering alternative to diagnosis and drugs

  2. effective training in stress management – self-regulation

  3. opportunity for people to experience their essential self and own power to heal themselves

  4. recognition that personal health cannot exist independent from healthy relationship with our  natural environment

This school appeals to adults who are

  1. committed to self-development and growth

  2. living with biotoxins that are creating low energy/chronic pain/autoimmune conditions

  3. interested in the power of cannabis medicine in context of whole health (campus provides opportunity to grow medicinal hemp; prepare remedies at school and see environmental benefits of uses of industrial hemp)

Additional description of business model components available upon request. 

Phase 1 completed 8/2019 with the establishment of Living Well Health Group –  Based in Loveland, CO we are practicing integrated functional medicine in a collaborative space with an educational focus.

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