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My Journey with Toxic Mold


One of my personal life experiences that influences how I provide care to others is my own personal journey with mold. If we say that getting ill and getting out of balance is a combination of our genetics in combination of the environment and a trigger.

I have a genetic susceptibility to mold. I, through a variety of work and life experience lived in environments that had mold and experienced a breaking apart of my nervous, immune and hormone system.

As a doctor, to lose my health was somewhat shameful and at the same time I had a lot of resources. What I learned was to ask for and receive help. I had to use everything that I knew. Qigong - to cultivate the energy inside to heal. Rest - I actually had to stay off of work for about three months. And a variety of supplements, medicines in order to repair.

And so, when I work with people with chronic complex conditions I know that it's going to take a variety of lifestyle and healing interventions to help people remove the toxin and be nourished with the right things that enable them to heal themselves.

Now looking back, I can see my journey with mold as the blessing that it was and what I learned in service to the people I care for.

Sharon Montes, MD


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