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Heal Naturally - Holistic Medical Care, Coaching and Mentoring
Meet Sharon Montes

Meet Sharon Montes, MD

Committed to Caring for the Highly Sensitive Person

My passion for providing learning that empowers people to make quality life decisions. This passion shows up in many ways - competent, caring clinician, an international educator and a leading advocate for integrative and lifestyle medicine in the US and abroad. 


A passionate and enthusiastic educator, I have international teaching experience - as a clinician, lecturer/course director and with radio & TV appearances. Audiences have included patients and health care providers (physicians, residents, nurses, allied health providers, complementary health providers) and community members.

My areas of special expertise include: lifestyle medicine, therapeutic movement, use of meditation and integrative medicine for care of women, elders and people with chronic pain.

My work combines a researcher’s brain knowledge of medical and organizational systems and the experience in western science with a healer’s heart. By blending western science with traditional wisdom, I create individualized solutions for my clients and the organizations I work with.

Integrative Functional Medicine

Integrative Functional Medicine


It can help with

Herb Plants

Feel better and explore clean eating. 


As we age, getting tired or experiencing fatigue happens. We can fix it. 


Everyday we expose ourselves to toxins. That's why foot baths and Far Infrared treatments are great to detox the body. 

Women's Health

Sharon Montes has over 30 years clinical experience and specializes in women's health. There are multiple ways holistic care can help you with energy, brain fog and stress. 

Weight Loss

Staying away from the "Dirty Dozen" and sticking with the Clean 15 improves mood, digestion and more. 


Life is filled with stress. Breathing exercises can improve your Heart Rate Variability

What Does it Mean to Live Well with Whole Health?

Dr. Sharon looks at you as a whole person, which involves the mind, body and spirit. 


“Dr. Montes has a wealth of knowledge in many diverse healing paradigms and embraces each as if they were her specialty. She recognizes the distinct and gaping crevices between Eastern and Western medicine and is a bridge to those healing paradigms with grace, knowledge and hands-on experience.”

— H.D.

Pencil and Notebook
Holistic Medical Care

Providing you with medical care that honors your innate wisdom and supports your ability to heal. Offering you deep listening that unites the wisdom of science and spirit and allows you to live well with whole health. Specializing in the care of highly sensitive people you are given time to be seen and heard and your own knowledge about your sensitivity valued and woven into your care plan.

$350 Per Hour
Pencil and Notebook
Heart-Centered Stress Management Program

This 8 session program is designed nourish and calm your nervous system.  We blend the Safe and Sound Protocol with Living Well Practices to help you feel safe at a cellular level. 

Proven to Significantly Improve:

  • Anxiety and trauma-related challenges

  • Gut issues

  • Chronic pain and fatigue

  • Difficulty sleeping  


With over 20 years of research by Dr. Porges, The Safe and Sound Protocol five hours of filtered music. Combined with other therapies this therapeutic music has been proven to help people regulate their nervous system.

Dr. Sharon Montes is a Certified Integrated listening Safe & Sound Protocol provider. 

Program Price: $693
Herbs and Condiment
Healthy Aging Program

If you are looking for the very best of Integrative Functional Medicine and aging, this program is for you!

We combine Eastern and Western medicine along with genetics to find the root cause. 

Our focus is listening to your body and giving you the tools and guidance to heal.

6 Month Program: $6,000
12 Month Program: $9,000

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