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Michael B. – Business Owner

In the midst of work, divorce, and fixing my house for sale, for nearly a year, I have been living with anxiety and self-punishment. Alcohol became a familiar friend on nearly a daily basis. I became increasingly frustrated with my lack of direction, follow through and mental clarity. Although I seemed to know better, I would find myself making poor decisions affecting my self-confidence. It was difficult to commit to much of anything. Finding myself spending time on urgent but unimportant tasks or focus. Dr. Sharon has been understanding and flexible with my inability/reluctance to stick to the process. Offering me the chance to record positive achievements that have merit but are outside the box. We meet every week like clockwork. And I will give a recap of successes and areas that may need more attention. Dr. Sharon always shows genuine excitement for my journey. And ensures I don't come down too hard on myself when I don't meet my expectations. She is always encouraging me to stick with the process.
Every week she helps me create new but attainable goals in a way that I can print them off and keep them with me as a reminder to keep the focus.

Dr. Rhonda D.

I met Dr. Sharon while I was attending a meeting with the Chancellor of the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBEM). At the time, I was the Academic Dean. She quickly became a colleague, friend, and mentor. In 2021, we delivered a Heart Centered Stress Management program to over a few thousand nurses during nurses’ week. This resulted in Dr. Sharon being asked to deliver a coaching program to some of those nurses. I was fortunate enough to be able to observe the coaching program. Dr. Sharon exhibits kindness and honesty and genuinely wants to help others grow. She is very competent and effective at using helpful examples, providing feedback, and listening with care. I have witnessed her change people’s lives in group sessions and I, personally, have experienced her individual coaching expertise. She has helped me overcome many personal and professional challenges. I am very grateful to have her helping me navigate life’s challenges. Specifically after Living Well Positive Intelligence Group Coaching Program In regard to relationships, I noticed I had more understanding, patience and compassion when communicating with them. For wellness, when I have anxiety, I still do some of the tactile exercises. The group setting was good for me to hear others stories, challenges etc. There was a sense of comfort to be in the group while doing the program.

Holly D. – Community Leader

I communicate more effectively and now much more aware of being positive and constructive. In monitoring my wellness, I don't journal or listen much anymore but I still employ the exercises throughout the week and they always bring me to a more peaceful state of mind. The techniques are effective.
My relationships have improved as well! I have recognized positive effects in my relationships, even with those I don't particularly care for. Lacing my attitude with empathy for their positions has helped me gain more respect within my HOA and allowed more receptive communications. I am a more effective negotiator now and definitely recognizing positive tangible results.

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