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In regard to relationships, I noticed I had more understanding, patience and compassion when communicating with them.

For wellness, when I have anxiety, I still do some of the tactile exercises.


The group setting was good for me to hear others stories, challenges etc. It was a sense of comfort to be in the group while doing the PQ program.


"I communicate more effectively and now much more aware of being positive and constructive.

In monitoring my wellness, I don't journal or listen much anymore but I still employ the exercises throughout the week and they always bring me to a more peaceful state of mind. The techniques are effective.


My relationships have improved as well! I have recognized positive effects in my relationships, even with those I don't particularly care for. Lacing my attitude with empathy for their positions has helped me gain more respect within my HOA and allowed more receptive communications. I am a more effective negotiator now and definitely recognizing positive tangible  results.

Lee Health LLHS Nurse

"I find  the daily work in the app most useful in interaction with others. Think how others saboteurs interact with mine. Intercept others saboteurs and  be playful with it. Practicing tools within my family. This has changed the dynamics. For example my Daughter can be upset and angry, but I don't let kid attitudes saboteur incite mine. Turn into light and fun. I now have command over it.

Over last 4 years of learning about people’s styles This program helped me more consistently put into practice other trainings AND to see how “my saboteur can fuel your saboteur" I'm learning to slow down; not react; not come to judgement; while dealing with difficult people. Not go into judgement. 


The DAILY PQ exercises kept me grounded.  These exercises help me intercept victim/pleaser gift here. Rather than stew for days and weeks letting my saboteurs take over.  I continue to hone these new skills like a muscle. I am Improving, I enjoy these exercises and will continue to use them"


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